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The Lodge of honorary advisors is one of the main pillars of the NEREIDES CLUB's foundation.

The esteemed members of NEREIDES CLUB's Lodge are prominent personalities globally recognized for their social impact engagement and their effective contribution to the modern civilisation, and their international cultural diplomacy activities.

All members are global luminaires selected among international politicians, diplomats, jurists, economists, philosophers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

The Lodge's honorary advisors hold their seat permanently and they are committed to promote NEREIDES CLUB's  values such as Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, those values inspired by the French Republic foundation.

The NEREIDES CLUB enables the Lodge's members to cooperate synergistically and equally.

The Lodge's membership is not bound by any political, cultural, religious or gender position. The Lodge is a free zone of exchanges, place of analysis, and creation of universal strategies. 

The NEREIDES CLUB pursues public utility purposes and strives for social impact missions. 

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