Ahmet Çağrı


GCC Countries Diplomatic 


Mr.Ahmet Çağrı Karamisir had a BA Degree in Business Administration and Political Science from the Former Robert Academy established in 1863 as an American University in Istanbul. It then becomes a State University in 1971, Bosphorus University. He had further Economics and Interest-Free Investment Banking Post Graduate studies and worked in the Investment Banks and their sister commercial companies in the GCC Countries and the Republic of Turkey.

He established an Investment Agency in 2003 naming ‘’Businesstanbul’’ registered the brand to his name. Businesstanbul assisted many Investments from scratch or provided Professional active consultancy to the existing companies in healthcare, health tourism, hospitals, health resorts. Businesstanbul involved in structured Real Estate Funds to create Future Cities.

Mr.Karamisir worked as Director in Personal Care and OTC Products companies.

New Innovations, New Products, and new models of Business always attracted him.

He is in this sense a ‘’Wind’’ for the other,s a caring wind knowing to fine-tune the speed depending on the geopolitical, social, and legal aspects.

Mr.Karamısır is co-founder and the Vice Chairman of the Istanbul Electrical Vehicles and Industry Joint Stock Company as Well as Managing Partner of World Smart Events and Consultancy Ltd Company that Organizes the World Healthcare Women Contest. He is on the Board of International Associations and Foundations and loves to act as an adviser to the Inspiring People with Charisma and contribute to their endeavors. Mr.Karamısır believes ‘’Above all Nations there is Humanity’’.

Mr. Karamisiri is also the GCC Countries Diplomacy Advisor of NEREIDES CLUB - INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DIPLOMACY CLUB based in Paris.