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NEREIDES COUB - Irene Pivetti

The Honourable

Mrs. Irene Pivetti

Secretary General

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Creating global synergies

An entrepreneur, formerly politician, a journalist and a tv face, the Hon. Mrs. Irene Pivetti dedicated her last 15 years to internationalization of Italian companies, and to tighten the links between China and Italy, as a President of Italy China Friendship Association, Italian branch of Chinese People Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), as a Honorary President of Green Design organization and as a partner of China Italy Culture and Design Center, in Tianjin, and of Hangxin Science Park - China Italy Innovation Incubator, in Beijing (2019),among other Chinese memberships.

Formerly a member (1992-2001), and also a President (1994-1996) of the Italian Parliament, she worked mainly upon social development projects, social responsibility goals, and supply chain transparency instances in international trade, as a member of parliamentary committees, and as a founder of two dedicated ONG : Learn To Be Free, social promotion association, and Italy Women Jewelry ellery Association, the Italian chapter of World Women Jewelry Association.

As a journalist and tv anchor, in 2004 she received the Italian Television Awards TV Breakthrough of the Year, and since then she has been host of daily and weekly tv shows on the Italian television. In 2021 she has produced a 26 episodes series (names Only Italia, in English and Chinese language), to promote sino-italien relationships, on ICS International Channel of Shanghai.

As a student, she received a Magna cum Laude degree in Modern Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan (1987).

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