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Parlare di uomini d'affari

NC is a carrefour of sustainable strategies that rely on the Club global network and its highly qualified members who guarantee the fluorishment of cultural and socio-economic exchanges through a reinforced dialogue with world decision makers, regular consultancy activities, and an unconditional cooperation that forges trusting relationships and facilitates the most delicate diplomatic issues.



Across the NC Lodge and Arena, the honorary members step up to serve as leaders leading leaders, driving the NC practice on a global level. The NC leaders' modus operandi is based on a collective contract aimed to communicate across cultures, educate, overcome diplomatic idiosyncrasies, handle conflict productively, build consensus and perennialize relationships along the way. 

Politici francesi


NC executes its missions in global regions through local pilot chapters. The function of the NC chapter affords it the leverage to strengthen local relations and empower national players through tailor-made and sustainable strategies. The regional municipality is the privileged player within the local NC ecosystem and is the guardian and effective decision maker for the overseed community. NC attaches great importance to the cooperation with regional municipalities and to their radical impact on the national socio-economic environment. 

Stretta di mano


NC practice expands exponentially beyond chapters through NC extensive networks made of international interest-based governments, diplomats, organizations and communities. Networks open the door to NC members around the world who share mutual interest to weave international friendship, facilitate diplomatic relations, develop economic cooperation, and contribute to world peace.